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Welcome to Ican e.V.



 I am proud and honoured to present to you the Irepodun Cultural Association of Nürnberg e.V. As a native of yoruba nation, I am priviledge to be a member of this reputable club.

     However, throughout my first year in Nürnberg city, I noticed that it was hard to keep in touch with friends due to changing schedules but my monthly attendance to ICAN meetings only strengthened my frienship with members. During meetings, ICAN would delibrate on issues affecting welfare of members, our community i.e Nürnberg, promote cultural awarness of yoruba nation and at the same time have fun together.

     One way of doing this is through our annual Anniversary. The first edition took place 2006. We showcase a live band music in yoruba and also promote yoruba Cultural activities. We showcase Eyo masquerade, Egungun and Ekpe/Nabo dance. Members are able to celebrate Yoruba culture and communicate our lovely Yoruba culture, traditions and history to our Host the Germans, who may have alternative misconception about Yoruba culture from Nigeria.

     ICAN also serve as a plattform where one could gain excellent source of advice, helping one to make the right decision. We are not political orgarnization, all about ICAN is interacting and promoting Yoruba heritage. Our aim is to promote Yoruba culture to everyone. If you are interested in joining, e-mail us and we will surely keep you updated with our upcoming activities.

with love
David Akindeinde
Noble Secreatary.